Clive wants to share his survivor story

Clive Barley of Lytham who is a cancer survivor and appearing on a poster for Cancer Research UK.
Clive Barley of Lytham who is a cancer survivor and appearing on a poster for Cancer Research UK.
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Clive Barley has beaten cancer – and a decade since his diagnosis he is sharing his experiences to help others who are battling the disease.

On November 4, 2003 Clive, from Lytham, was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

He said: “You have this view that cancer is something other people have, but it’s not going to happen to you. When you get that report that you’ve got it, you’re in shock because it is you.

“You suddenly start thinking what it’s going to be like for the next six months of your life and everything you’ve ignored before suddenly becomes more important.

“Fairly quickly you start thinking, ‘Right, lets get on with it’ and you go through the treatment and scans to get better.”

In fact, Clive, 65, says it’s probably more difficult for the relatives of people with cancer who don’t know how they can help their loved ones.

“Everyone handles it differently,” he said.

“Some people keep quiet about it, especially with bowel cancer because they don’t want to share what they’re going through. But things are improving and people are more open than they used to be.

“I think most of us know people who has had cancer or who is stall facing it at the moment in time.”

To help make people more aware of the disease and how it has affected him, Clive is sharing his experience of the disease online through the Cancer Research charity.

He has shared everything from the moment his grandson told him how important he was as his only granddad to the planning of the 10 marathons he has completed since getting the all clear from the disease.

Clive is keen to share how his life has changed since having and beating cancer.

He said: “It’s a useful tool.

“In these extra years I’ve had more time to see my grandchildren, and even seen two of them born with another one on the way.

“You look at things differently than you did before and you cherish lots more things in life.

“People have put all kinds of memories on there, like when your hair starts growing back after chemotherapy.”

Clive is a campaign ambassador for Cancer Research, and has raised more than £10,000 for the charity by taking part in several marathons.

He’s raced in London, Rome, Paris and New York, and will run his 10th marathon in Berlin next September.

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