Breastfeeding rates plummet for our babies

Dawn Burrows
Dawn Burrows
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Blackpool has some of the worst figures for mums choosing to breastfeed,

it has been revealed.

Latest government statistics show 51 per cent of mums breastfed their babies last year, placing the town in the bottom five in the country.

It’s down by nearly 20 per cent from 2009 to 2010, when Blackpool saw its highest number of mums breastfeeding since 2004.

A Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust spokeswoman said: “As well as having the fifth lowest rate nationally for mums taking up breastfeeding, (Blackpool) also tops the charts for teenage pregnancy rates, substance misuse, social deprivation, smoking during pregnancy and has a high transient population who do not have the benefit of extended family support.”

Parentcraft and infant feeding co-ordinator Dawn Burrows said Blackpool had some of the best figures nationally for mums who continued to breastfeed after six to eight weeks of giving birth – at 70 per cent of those who started.

She said: “We are improving information for women who traditionally may have thought breastfeeding was not an option for them because of their medication or lifestyles.

“We are also putting a lot of effort into trying to change the culture of breastfeeding with women, particularly teenagers who are not taking up the option because they do not believe it is acceptable in public, or who object for body image reasons.”