A new weapon in the war on obesity

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EVERYONE has their own good reason to eat healthily and do exercise.

Whether it’s to look good on the beach, to be able to keep up with the grandchildren or to just feel better when getting up in the morning.

That is the message from the Fylde coast’s health bosses, who have launched a new public health campaign.

Visitors to Blackpool Victoria Hospital will see posters and signs which suggest good reasons to take better care of their diet and increase their activity levels, to keep as fit and healthy as possible.

The signs, at various venues across the Vic site, are there to both promote the importance of eating a healthy diet and exercising and signpost visitors to areas where they can receive help or support.

They have been developed in conjunction with the Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives Team at NHS Blackpool’s public health department to ensure people are supported to make changes at home, not just when they are ill and have to go to hospital.

Rachel Swindells, public health facilitator for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Education of the public about healthy eating and exercise is important for our long-term health and it is essential we continue to promote a healthy lifestyle to patients, visitors and also our staff.

“However much weight you’re looking to lose and whatever your reason for doing so, our team of health professionals can give you all the advice and support you need to achieve your goals and successfully keep the weight off for good.

“This campaign is a clear reminder about the healthy living message, but also a useful guide as to where people who feel they may have a problem can go to next for support.”

Neil Donnelly, dietetics manager with the trust, added: “The posters are an excellent idea, because they remind everyone they have a reason to be as healthy as possible. The issue of weight is an important one for local communities as health problems which come with being overweight or obese, such as diabetes, heart disease, stress and joint problems are well-known.

“This campaign not only raises awareness, but is backed up by a full support structure for those who wish to address their lifestyle including staff trained to provide advice and specialist support.”

For information, call the public health team on (01253) 303967 or e-mail askadietitian@northlancs.nhs.uk