Have you herd the udder one?

Harley Plenderleith  gets a bit close
Harley Plenderleith gets a bit close
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TOTS at a Fylde coast nursery had an udderly brilliant time when two baby calves popped in to say hello.

Children at Little Village Nursery in Andsell were “over the mooon” with the cute calves from Old Holly Farm, Cabus.

The Woodlands Road nursery won a competition for a visit from a real life cow to raise awareness on the importance of milk.

Manager Helen Ashton, entered the competition earlier this year and was delighted when her nursery won.

She said: “We are a member of the National Day Nursery Association and they were running the competition to celebrate their recent partnership with Cool Milk – a free milk provider.

“I thought it would be fun to have a cow in for the day, something a bit different for the kids and parents, but I didn’t think we would win it.

“When I found out we had I was so pleased, especially when they said we were getting two calves, the children were so excited to have baby cows.”

The calves, who were not named, belonged to Ian Pye, who owns the 250 acre dairy farm near Garstang.

Mrs Ashton said: “It was a great way to teach the kids where milk comes from and learn about the cows. Hopefully it will encourage them to drink more of it.”

Supervisor Catherine Smith added: “The kids had a great day, they loved having the calves here, we had a lot of parents in as well.

“They had good fun, it was really worthwhile. I am glad we won the contest.”