Half the woman she once was

Enid Miller with her old T-shirt she used to wear when she was a size 22
Weight Watchers weight loss story for Eve
Enid Miller with her old T-shirt she used to wear when she was a size 22 Weight Watchers weight loss story for Eve
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It’s hard to believe this T-shirt once fitted Cleveleys Weight Watchers volunteer Enid Miller.

In fact, she says, it was too tight at one time.

But Enid, now 67, shed 4st and dropped a staggering 10 dress sizes – going from a size 22 to a size 12, and after shedding the pounds has remained a Weight Watchers member for the last 15 years.

She joined the slimming club in 2000 after yo-yo dieting for several years and being spurred on by friends who she says got “fed up with the moaning.”

Unable to cut her own toenails, struggling to find clothes to fit and avoiding people she hadn’t seen for some time because she was frightened they would comment on her weight gain, Enid was fed up and felt enough was enough.

Enid, who has kept the weight off over the years and was recently awarded her 15th Weight Watchers gold star, said: “I kept diaries and every year I would write about starting this diet and then each Christmas, it would end up with me having put more weight back on and saying I was going to start again.

“It was getting embarrassing meeting people I hadn’t seen for a long time because I felt they would see how much weight I had put on.

“A friend one day said they were sick of me moaning and told me to go to the local Weight Watchers class.

“I joined and I lost 4st and I have now kept it off for 15 years.

“It’s a lifestyle really. I have a treat now and again, but then I will cut back.

“It’s all about balance.”

Enid keeps fit and active by walking – around 30 miles a week on average – and fitness classes including Pilates, yoga and BodyBalance.

She said: “I used to play tennis before I got big but my knee failed me.

“I was told I would need a knee replacement, but I have managed without one.

“I love walking. I will walk into Blackpool and back, into Fleetwood and back, I love walking in the Lakes. And I really enjoy classes.”

“The exercise burns calories and that means you can eat more food and have some treats sometimes.

“It’s the fact I’ve kept going to Weight Watchers over the years which has meant I’ve kept the weight off.

“I still go every week and it’s more of a social event. It’s made a big difference to my confidence.

“Before I would have pretended I didn’t see people or avoided them because I was frightened they would realise how big I had got.

“It was hard to go clothes shopping because some shops stop at size 16.”

Enid helps out at the Weight Watchers sessions at Cleveleys Community Centre, as she hopes her experiences can help others.

She said: “It’s nice to have that support and you can swap tips. I can share my stories and experiences with the people who come to the group.

“Now I have that confidence I know I can help other. I don’t patronise them, I don’t bully them.”

Kim Robinson, Weight Watchers coach, said she had been really impressed by Enid’s commitment.

She said: “I have been a coach for 11 years and Enid’s achievement has amazed me.

“Enid looks amazing, she lost 4st and the inspirational part is the way she has kept the 4st off for 15 years.

“On the anniversary of her getting target weight, she has been awarded a goal star every year and she has proudly kept every one.

“Enid loves the flexibilty of Weight Watchers and treats it as a lifestyle not a diet. She is now fitter, healthier and happier and a great role model.”