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Harry Jones
Harry Jones
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A mother whose son died from a massive drug overdose has said she refuses to blame his death on the people who supplied the potentially lethal drugs.

Harry Jones was found dead, aged just 20, after taking a lethal mix of the painkillers tramadol and diazepam, and alcohol, early last year.

Blackpool Coroners Court yesterday heard the promising Blackpool and The Fylde College student, of The Knowle, South Shore, was “engaging, witty, polite and infectious” and the “life and soul of the party”.

His death shattered the lives of his friends and family, the court heard, and led to police investigating “drugs parties” at a woman’s home in South Shore that Harry had 

Mother-of-four, Sharon Nuttall, 42, was jailed in May for 18 months after admitting allowing teenagers as young as 16 to take drugs, including amphetamine, at her home in Garton Avenue, South Shore.

It was here that Harry was found dead by friend Lee 
Wilson-Carrell at around 11am on January 13, 2013.

His mother Lorraine, 48, told The Gazette that while she had sought help from medics to deal with Harry’s drug problem and was shocked by his friendship with Ms Nuttall, she now focuses on the 
positive parts of his life.

She said: “I think he first found painkillers at Sharon Nuttall’s, when he was 17.

“She was in her 30s, with small children, and was having teens round taking drugs.

“Then in 2012 Harry suddenly had back pains and I didn’t know the doctor was prescribing him painkillers.

“I’m not blaming the doctors or her, though, you can’t live your life like that.”

Preston Crown Court heard in May that while 
Nuttall had not been responsible for supplying the drugs which caused Harry’s death, she had previously allowed drugs to be taken at what 
police described as “parties”.

Harry’s mother added: “It’s too easy for children to get their hands on drugs.”

Harry grew up in South Shore, attending Roseacre Primary School and Highfield Humanities College, before moving to Blackpool and The Fylde College to study creative media production, the coroners court heard.

He had been looking forward to continuing his studies at Leeds University.

The court heard 
before the night he revisited Nuttall’s home he hadn’t been seen there for months and that while he had started counselling sessions to address a drug problem it had not been a 
continuous one.

He was found dead on the sofa of the home the next morning after drinking two bottles of wine and an 
unknown number of 

Harry’s mother said: “He was just so full of life. When he came into a room he was like a mini tornado, he’d take your breath away.”

His dad Darren 
Aubrey Jones, 48, added: “He just loved life.”

The pair, now separated, said they were pleased with the sentence handed down to Nuttall and had some peace knowing other youngsters could no longer easily access drugs through her.

Delivering a verdict of misadventure, Blackpool and 
Fylde coroner Alan Wilson said: “Harry has voluntarily taken drugs and deliberately drunk alcohol but what he hadn’t intended was his death.”