Grant to help drug recovery

Kris Hopkins MP
Kris Hopkins MP
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A £450,000 grant is on its way to Blackpool in a bid to help the fight to tackle drugs and alcohol misuse.

The Government funding will be used set up a new social enterprise company that will buy properties which recovering drug addicts can then refurbish.

This will allow those in rehabilitation to gain work experience in the hope they will eventually gain employment as a result.

The company will be run by Blackpool Council after Local Government Minister Kris Hopkins announced that 80 local authorities across the country will share a £9m investment.

Mr Hopkins said: “I am delighted to announce that 80 authorities are being rewarded for focusing on the needs of council tax payers and the people who use their services.

“By joining forces with neighbouring councils and other organisations they are not only cutting costs but also making sure their residents get the very best service.

“Councils and their partners predict they will be able to save more than £100m over the next five to 10 years (by rehabilitating people), a significant return for the Government’s £9m contribution.

“This is further proof that local government can deliver significant savings at the same time as making sure that public satisfaction with services improves.”

The funding comes after recent statistics presented to Blackpool Council’s health and wellbeing board earlier this month showed the resort comes bottom of the league for the whole of England in six different major health-related


In February £10m of lottery cash was awarded to the authority to set up a specialist task force to track down and help the resort’s most desperate and vulnerable people.

Drug addicts, alcoholics, the homeless and those with mental health problems are being targeted by that scheme, run by the Big Lottery Fund.