Grandad’s fears over drug needles found dumped on his doorstep

Peter Henton is fed up of finding used needles discarded at the back of his property on Hill Street
Peter Henton is fed up of finding used needles discarded at the back of his property on Hill Street
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A grandad fears safety is being put at risk after he found used needles and syringes scattered at the back of his home.

Peter Henton says he has come across drug use paraphernalia near his home in Hill Street, South Shore, on a number of occasions in the past few weeks.

Now he is concerned someone could get hurt if they inadvertently came into contact with the debris, which has been left scattered on Byron Street, a narrow thoroughfare to the rear of Hill Street.

He said: “I have found used needles on four occasions recently.

“Once or twice I will accept, but not any more than that. I have a two-year-old granddaughter so I don’t want her being near them, and I take my dogs out that way and they could tread on them.

“Plus, I don’t want anyone else to come into contact with them.

“No-one wants this on the back of their doorstep.

“I can’t touch them so all I can do is ring the council’s environmental health services and ask them to clear them away, and I’ve also reported it to the police.

“There are b&bs around here as well and it’s not a very good image for the town.”

Council chiefs said they had removed some needles after being contact by Mr Henton.

Coun Gillian Campbell, deputy leader of Blackpool Council, said: “I can understand Mr Henton’s concerns about syringes on his road.

“They are dangerous and as such, we aim to remove them within 24 hours of them being reported.

“This incident was reported to us at 4.22pm on the Monday and we had removed them before 9am the morning after.

“If more have come back then that is a concern. If anybody spots syringes like this on the ground then they should not touch them and should report it to us to remove them safely.

“If anybody spots people injecting themselves then the safest thing to do is contact the police.”

Blackpool police said officers were also monitoring the situation after Mr Henton had contacted them.

A police spokesman said: “Our neighbourhood team have also been made aware of his concern around the drug taking so they will be monitoring the situation.”