Gran turned around her health, her diabetes diagnosis and lost weight by cutting carbs

Debra Scott lost 3 stone and reversed her type 2 diabetes by changing to a low carb diet
Debra Scott lost 3 stone and reversed her type 2 diabetes by changing to a low carb diet
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“I feel like I have climbed a mountain and reached the summit and am looking out at a whole new world, and it looks fantastic.”

That’s how 56-year-old Debra Scott, of Blackpool, feels since shedding 3st and reversing her diagnosis of type two diabetes – without medication.

She stuck to a low carbohydrate diet after reading about it on the forum and found the weight dropped off.

Her blood haemoglobin tests now show a ‘normal’ level, much reduced from the levels she had in December, when she was diagnosed with diabetes.

Debra said: “Looking back over the past six months, I can see how much my life has changed and for the better.

“I didn’t think I could do it, but I have. I would go as far as saying my diagnosis has been a blessing in disguise. I haven’t felt this good in years.

“I haven’t managed too much exercise along the way, walking instead of being a complete sloth, but that is a work in progress. I have just invested in a smart watch to encourage me. Exercise has never been my thing, but then again neither was dieting.”

Debra went from 14st 7lbs to 11st 6lbs in just five months. Her weight loss started after she visited her GP in December – suffering from heartburn every day for about a month. A blood test revealed she had type two diabetes.

She said: “I was shocked, I was very sad and very worried for the future. My mum was diabetic, insulin-dependent and she had diabetic complications over the last few years of her life. I have seen the impact diabetes can have first-hand and was very worried.

“I knew I was overweight, but never felt it caused any problems, apart from when buying that Christmas outfit when I would look for black every time. I ate what I wanted, take-aways, copious amounts of red wine. I had put weight on steadily over the years, starting from when I had my two children. I felt angry because I thought I had done this to myself.”

Debra had read diabetes could be reversed and made it her mission to find out as much as she could.

“How lucky we are living in modern times with access to the internet and answers to everything. It was a very different story even 20 years ago when we just had to go along with the NHS ‘eat well plate’.

“The first site I came to was I read lots of success stories which gave me great hope. These people had all been in the same boat as me, but turned things around by going on a low carbohydrate high (healthy) fat diet {LCHF). Having never really dieted or taken exercise, I thought this was going to be very challenging. The thought of calorie counting did not appeal and with this diet, it wasn’t necessary. I knew nothing at all about nutrients in food, but was willing to learn.”

Her GP surgery had booked her in to see the diabetic nurse, the same nurse her mum had seen.

Debra said: “The nurse was great and explained things clearly to me. She wanted to put me on medication, I asked her to bear with me for three months while I tried this diet.”

Debra said: “The LCHF diet made sense to me. Diabetics are sugar intolerant. Carbs and starchy food like pasta, bread, potatoes, rice turn very quickly to sugar.

“Glucose meters are not automatically recommended for type two diabetics, but it’s one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made. By testing before I started to eat and two hours later, I could see immediately what foods my body struggled to cope with. It was meals high in carbs putting my readings up every time.

“After I started the new way of eating, I saw my weight drop almost daily.

“I’m now in size 12 clothes. I feel so much more confident and so good about myself. I am lighter now than when I first met my husband Eric 32 years ago.

“I have been boosted along the way by Eric, who has had to listen to me reading articles to him and my family and friends who have encouraged me along the way, and also and its forum members, who have been nothing less than amazing.

“Diabetes is fast becoming a full-blown epidemic and I feel it doesn’t have to be this way, that’s why I am sharing my story. If I can help just one person reverse or put their diabetes into remission, I’m over the moon. We are all very different and it’s not one size fits all. I have reversed my insulin resistance, so my blood sugars have come down without medication.

“’s award-winning Low Carb Program has recently been given the green light for NHS use by a leading accreditation body QISMET. It’s about getting back to basics, eating as we did before there was medication to help 100 years ago.”