Gone off the rails over tramline works?

Traffic disruption and declines in footfall for businesses caused by ongoing works and road closures have seen your comments pour in.

Monday, 20th November 2017, 10:45 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 10:34 pm
Traffic in the town centre due to roadworks on the Promenade and Talbot Road

After a hard day at work, the last thing you need is a long journey home to follow it.

Unfortunately, that’s been the way for many readers, as major roadworks have begun to make way for a new tram line on Talbot Road.

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Roadworks on the Promenade and Talbot Road

Blackpool Council hopes that the extension from North Pier to North Station will “improve public transport in the Blackpool area” by providing “connectivity and integration between the existing tramway andnational rail services”.

But many are upset at the timing of the planned works, as restricted access to the Promenade and gridlocked traffic in the town centre could prove detrimental to traders over Christmas.

A number ofbusiness owners are already reporting a decline in footfall with customers put off by the traffic.

And the plans are affecting motorists too, with many frustrated by long delays in the Talbot Road area.

Traffic in the town centre due to roadworks on the Promenade and Talbot Road

The council maintains that work must be undertaken outside of the summer season, and that the improvements will ultimately benefit Blackpool in the long run, as it will further job creation and investment in the town.

Here’s what you had to say:

Town centre, two bridge closures, Highfield Road and Clifton Drive yesterday, what’s going on?

I work in the community and it’s ridiculous getting from A to B.

Roadworks on the Promenade and Talbot Road

Yes we have had warning but why so much work altogether?

The council only seems interested in the running of the town from the holiday-makers point of view and out of season again residents pay the price for the chaos on the roads.

Kathy Shaw

It was utterly ridiculous yesterday. 25 minutes on Dickson Road at a complete standstill. My 35 minute drive to work took 1hr 25 minutes! I was late and lost time at work.

Traffic in the town centre due to roadworks on the Promenade and Talbot Road

Luckily coming home was ok, I am concerned over the future of being late at work and late picking my daughter up from school.

Natalie Parker

I’m self employed and I drive everywhere.

Blackpool is investing and growing fast and its infrastructure needs to keep up, it’s got to be done.

Instead of moaning find a different route and avoid the area if possible or set off earlier in the morning.

Don’t even attempt to go through there. If you’re going into the town centre get a tram or go on a bike.

Paul Webster

If works were done in summer people would complain tourists couldn’t get to shops etc, work like this has always been carried out in the winter months......all these works need to be done, set off a bit later, have a word at work and agree a staggered work time.

Agreed it’s a pain, but we are stuck with it so must just get in with it.

Donna Jones

I wonder what impact this will have on the local businesses over the festive period. I feel that people going to do their christmas shopping will go elsewhere because of the issues with traffic.

David Hetherington

The only thing that causes gridlock is aggressive driving.

I was driving through town yesterday and a taxi caused a massive block on Talbot Road because he wanted to get into a side road.

Madzz Ellis

How would the emergency services get through this traffic?

Are buses still running to time?

Are the replacement buses out of North Station caught up in this?

Pamela Clarkin

I don’t see why the council had to do these roadworks at the same time as the train works.

There are extra buses to replace the train service, so let’s make it more difficult and close the roads... Genius .

Louise Hesketh

With all the roads and bridges that are closed, you need a degree to navigate round the town.

David Penn

Yes the middle of town was bad but the roads on the outskirts (the diversion route) was flowing.

We were warned of the closures so it’s not like it was suddenly sprung on us.

Janys Wright

Just don’t bother heading into town, or walk if you can.

We knew the roadworks were coming so should actively avoid those routes where possible.

Joe Codling

Moan moan moan! Are people incapable of waking up earlier?

Or would you rather the town be stagnant and not have any more investment?

David Smith