Going quackers for a good cause!

IT may seem like a quackers idea, but this little duck is helping raise awareness of a medical condition.

The 'fibro duck' is making his way round the world – to tell people about fibromyalgia, a muscular fatigue disease.

Jamie Goodwin, from South Shore, who is the brains behind the globe-trotting duck, has even set up a website where people can post their photos of the small, yellow and black-spotted plastic bird in far flung locations.

The 40-year-old former stand-up comedienne has suffered from fibromyalgia since her late teens and wanted to do something to help the Fibromyalgia Association.

She said: "The duck has been all over the world - he has popped up in the USA, Australia, Turkey and the Netherlands.

"He has turned up with statues, in pint glasses, with speedboats, in a jacuzzi at the Ideal Homes exhibition at the NEC, all sorts of places.

"We are asking people to take a photo of the duck in the most unusual or amusing setting.

"We did have a few spooky Halloween ducks and are expecting him to be in some festive settings too – we have already had one sent in of him wearing a Santa hat."

Although Jamie, who can no longer work because of her condition, sends out the ducks for free, but does ask for a donation to cover the postage and packing.

She has sent out more than 350 since she started the project in September.

Jamie, who married her partner Heather in a civil ceremony, said: "With there being a recession on, people are a bit fed up and have worries about money.

"So the idea behind this was just to make people smile. It's not asking them for money.

"It's just about coming up with wacky pictures and posing them online to make everybody smile.

"It's all a bit of fun and raises awareness both of the condition and of the Fibromyalgia Association, which does a great job.

"I had never heard of fibromylagia before I was diagnosed.

"The black spots on the duck are to represent the tender points all over the body fibromyalgia can cause."

Jamie is now planning fibro-duck's appearance in his first music video, to be put on YouTube and is looking for sponsorship for the website so she can start to run competitions and give away prizes.