‘Give up sugary drinks for 21 days’, kids told

Blackpool Council is launching a Give Up Loving Pop (Gulp) campaign
Blackpool Council is launching a Give Up Loving Pop (Gulp) campaign
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Blackpool Council has echoed calls to introduce a ‘sugar tax’ as part of the war on childhood obesity.

Town hall bosses have backed celebrity chef and healthy eating campaigner Jamie Oliver, who has called on David Cameron to be ‘bold and brave’ by bumping up costs of sugary foods and drinks by up to 20 per cent.

Public health boss at Blackpool Council, Coun Eddie Collett, said: “It is important that Blackpool children have a healthy diet in order to receive all the nutrients they need to grow and develop, and prevent long term health problems.”

The council is now launching a Give Up Loving Pop (Gulp) campaign, which asks students to give up sugary drinks for 21 days in the hope they will abandon them fully.

Coun Collett added: “This campaign focuses on educating children on the amount of sugar in sugar sweetened beverages so that they can make their own decisions regarding consumption.

“Parents are also urged to play their part in making healthy shopping choices, in the hope of seeing a long term change in culture.”

Awareness and education sessions will be held throughout October and November at high schools, Blackpool and the Fylde College, and Blackpool Sixth Form College.

It’s there students will get the chance to see the amounts of sugar in their favourite drinks and the health problems they can cause.

Children between the ages of four and 18 get 30 per cent of their sugar intake from drinks, a Public Health England study found.

And some 36 per cent of the resort’s 10- and 11-year-olds are classed as overweight as a result, says the National Child Measurement Programme.