Ghosts said to haunt Pleasure Beach

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THE Ghost Train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has long been a popular attraction with thrill seekers, but over recent years it would seem guests have been getting more than they bargained for.

Staff have reported hearing the chilling sound of footsteps which they believe come from a former ride operator named Cloggy.

Cloggy, so named for his traditional choice of footwear, died around 30 years ago, but is thought to still keep an eye on his old workplace.

As well as hearing the distinctive sound of his footwear in the ride, staff have also reported seeing him in the faint form of an apparition.

Electrical equipment also seems to be affected by the spooky presence and there have been reports of unexplained events such as TVs coming on when the power is off and even a hand-held video recorder stopping working for no apparent reason.


Danny Moore, an electrical supervisor at the attraction, says he had seen many eerie goings-on during the 15 years he has worked on the Ghost Train.

He said: "I haven't actually seen Cloggy, but I have seen some strange things taking place.

"One night a few years ago I was walking towards the ride and saw the skull's eyes flash at me a few times. When I went to investigate the power had already been turned off.

"It gets to the stage sometimes when you start to question your sanity!"

It isn't just the Ghost Train that has been the subject of spine-tingling activity. Staff at the Star Pub have reported sightings of a male figure in the cellar and in the old living accommodation.

The apparition was spotted by workmen in the building.

A figure has also been seen at 3am walking through the bar before disappearing.

The Ice Rink also claims to have several ghosts with performers reporting seeing strange things backstage and in the dressing rooms.