Getting the hump over double signs

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A FURIOUS postmaster has slammed Blackpool Council after seeing double outside of his shop.

Ian Straughan, who runs the Post Office on Preston New Road, Marton, is unhappy the council put the two road signs one behind the other.

The only difference in the signs, which warn drivers of speed humps on Newhouse Lane, is a light which has not been added to the new sign to cut costs.

But Mr Straughan raised concerns with the authority and claims they could have cut the electricity to the existing sign without spending money on installing a new one.

He told The Gazette: “It just beggars belief they are doing this all for the sake that one has a light and one hasn’t.

“All it takes is to take the light off the old one.

“It’s very obscure and it’s why the country is in the mess it is in now, because we are running up debts.

“Why on earth would anyone in their right mind place a new road sign behind an existing perfectly good one?”

Blackpool Council is currently operating a Private Finance Initiative Core Investment Programme (PFI) in Blackpool, part of which is to replace Illuminated road signs in the borough.

Mr Straughan refuses to accept this explanation and has called on the council to be cautious with taxpayers’ money.

He said: “I want the council to be more careful with taxpayers’ cash because, after all, it is our money they are spending.

“It could have been avoided and it is totally unnecessary that something like this has happened.

“Why don’t they just cut off the electricity? That would be better for the council’s bankers.”

Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for Streets and Transport, says the problem will be rectified on March 28.

He told The Gazette: “The work is part of a £33m Government funded project to replace street lamps and signs throughout Blackpool.

“By improving street lighting and de-illuminating signs like this one, in line with national guidance, we are able to make significant savings on energy costs.

“Far from being a waste of money, the new lighting arrangements will, at present energy prices, save the council some £20,000 during the next 25 years.

“The savings will be made on the stretch of Preston New Road from the motorway to where this sign is located at the junction of Newhouse Road and Preston New Road.”