Get set for winter with driving advice from Lancashire Police

Take care during bad weather with advice from the police.
Take care during bad weather with advice from the police.
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Lancashire Police have released advice for driving in winter conditions as the weather turns colder in the coming months.

Here is how you can ensure yourself and others are kept safe on the roads:

Check your vehicle

Make sure to check your fuel, oil and water levels, screen wash levels, and electrics.

Ensure tyres have sufficient tread before making your journey.

Check lights and brakes are working properly, including the handbrake and fog lamps.

Preparation is essential

Have an emergency kit inn your vehicle, and check the weather forecast for the day. Prepare for all eventualities, and kits should include ice-scraper, de-icer, warm clothes and blankets, torch, boots, first aid kit, jump leads, a spade, a road atlas and sunglasses.

Plan your journey

Check weather and travel conditions before setting off and stick to gritted roads wherever possible.

In severe weather:

Travel at a different time, or consider cancelling your journey if possible. Leave within plenty of time, and leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front of you to make allowances for slippery surfaces.

Do not leave cars running in the morning to help defrost the windscreen before you set off- it can take just a minute for a thief to jump in and drive off.

Ice can still form on salt-treated roads, so continue to take care.