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The Promenade, Blackpool
The Promenade, Blackpool
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The UK’s leading marine charity is calling for volunteers to register now for a science project which involves a trip to the beach.

The Great British Beach Clean, organised by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), will see hundreds of beaches around the coast cleaned between September 18 and 21.

“Beach litter has steadily risen over the two decades we’ve been recording it on UK beaches,” said MCS Beachwatch Officer, Charlotte Coombes.

“Last year’s Great British Beach Clean attracted almost 5,500 volunteers to over 300 beaches. It’s a citizen science project that has become the most respected and long standing beach litter survey in the UK.”

In 2014 tiny bits of plastic were the most frequently found litter items on UK beaches.

There was a six per cent rise in beach litter between 2013 and 2014, with wet wipes having the biggest increase at almost 50 per cent.

“Taking part in the Great British Beach Clean really can make a difference.

“In previous years when we’ve highlighted increases in dog poo bags and sewage related debris found on beaches we have seen drops in numbers subsequently.”

“We hope we’ll see fewer wet wipes in 2015 following our mini-campaign showing why these material squares should go in the bin not the loo,” added Mrs Coombes.

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