Geoffrey, Giles and friends need a home

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This week, six guinea pigs are looking for a new home.

The four males and two females are living in separate enclosures, but the two males could be paired together.

Each guinea pig can be adopted for £20.

They are not neutered or vaccinated, so male and female cannot live together.

One of the males, Geoffrey, came to live at the centre in August, while female Polly is a more recent arrival.

All the other guinea pigs have been at the centre since at least September.

Their owner had bred them, but was unable to find homes for them.

They are all aged between one and two years old.

Four of them are suitable for first-time owners and children, although Giles and Geoffrey can be a bit jumpy if there is too much loud noise.

Russell is great with children handling him.

A large living area consisting of a hutch and run is needed.

Guinea pigs like being in pairs and living indoors. They need guinea pellets and a diet of fruit.

If anyone is interested in adopting one of the six guinea pigs, they should visit the RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs Branch at Longview Animal Centre, Old Toms Lane, Stalmine, or call 01253 703000 to arrange a visit with a member of staff ,who will also be able to give you more details on each of the guinea pigs.