Gala committee to start from scratch

Poulton Gala 2010
Poulton Gala 2010
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GALA-goers have called for a new committee to organise an annual community fair.

Locals in Poulton were devastated when it was announced earlier this year the town gala would be cancelled.

A lack of volunteers, increasing health and safety restrictions and costs were sited as the main reasons for the loss.

But at a recent meeting it was revealed 14 people had expressed interest in joining the committee but had not been contacted by members.

Coun Barry Birch said: “I’m sad it’s gone, I’m sad for the children, the Rose Queen this year will miss a lifetime opportunity to be there,

“But I know of at least 14 young professionals wanting to be part of Poulton Gala and not one of them got a reply when they expressed their interest so I don’t know what’s going on, the suggestion is we form a new committee for Poulton Gala.

“I would like to see a new organisation founded as soon as possible and we can move things forward at a pace.”

Wyre Council leader Peter Gibson backed Coun Birch’s comments and said a committee must be set in place.

He added: “It’s a very sad situation and unfortunately when we found out the gala would be cancelled it was too late to help.

“The number of volunteers willing to come forward that were never called back, including our councillor Lesley McKay, is strange.

“But if you want to volunteer to be part of a new committee they would be very welcome.”

After the meeting gala committee president, county councillor Geoff Roper, told The Gazette no-one had been in touch with him.

He said: “I have been told a number was given out and these people had responded to this number and whoever it was hadn’t got back to them, I don’t know who.

“I hope people all pull together on this one, we don’t want different groups pulling in different directions.

“We were planning to re-group in September and get the ball rolling for next year which we’re hopeful will take place.

“I hope people realise the original committee, including our chair Gorden Forrest, are still very passionate about the town’s gala.”

John Bailey, chairman of the Concerned Residents of Poulton (CROP) said despite the gala not going ahead there will still be a fair.

He added: “We’re looking at ways to incorporate the classic cars into both days, with a parade and display.”