Fylde rugby hit by the weather

Fylde match off
Fylde match off
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The planned first meeting between Fylde RFC and Ampthill and District in National League One fell foul of the weather

Though local referee Andy Taylorson had passed the pitch fit at 11am, the continued heavy rain meant the decision to call off the match because of a waterlogged surface 75 minutes before the scheduled kick-off made the postponement inevitable - there were pools of water pitted around the pitch.

Referee Phil Davis called the match off after consultation with both clubs.,

Fylde player-coach Paul Arnold said: "It was the right decision. There were too many puddles on the pitch.

"It is not ideal. I remember we were due to play Wharfedale a few years ago and it was exactly the same.

"We had thought the weather would clear and suggested waiting until four o' clock, but the forecast said the rain would continue.

"It was only going to get worse and there was no point forking it because it was just filling up as you did it.

"We will have to play it on a free weekend in February by the look of it."

Though disappointed, Arnold joked that the spare time would be used menaingfully.

"We are going to have a five-a-side drinking session just to bond the lads!

"Paul Turner (Amphill coach) offered to play as at five a side, but he said he would beat us at that as well!"

Turner said: "We just felt the pitch was unsafe.

"We had come all this way and we wanted to play, but I spoke to the referee and Paul Arnold, and we felt there was too much standing water.

"Even if we had started, something dangerous could have happened.

"There are a log of bad areas and it wasn't going to get any better.

"I am looking forward to renewing old acquaintances with Arnie and Warren (Spragg) when we come her again, maybe in February."