Fylde nurse faces abuse claims

Rossendale Nursing Home in Ansdell
Rossendale Nursing Home in Ansdell
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A NURSE told a vulnerable patient suffering from dementia she would nail her hand to the floor” if she pressed her buzzer again, a misconduct hearing heard.

Sally Miller allegedly pushed, grabbed and swore at patients in her care, telling one vulnerable resident: “I’m sick of you” adding: “If you keep complaining, I will sort you out.”

She also confided in a colleague she wanted to put a pillow over one elderly patient’s head, adding “that’s the way they make me feel sometimes.”

The nurse, who began working at the Rossendale Nursing Home in Ansdell, which cares for patients with Dementia, in 2007, faces a misconduct hearing at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Ms Miller, who is in her late 40s and resigned after the allegations were made, did not attend the central London hearing.

The hearing was told she was “not well”.

Ms Miller faces being struck off from the profession if it is found her fitness to practice is impaired.

Kristian Garsed, representing the NMC, told the hearing: “She has herself decided her nursing career is over and has decided not to actively participate in the proceedings.”

Concerns were first raised about the nurse’s allegedly abusive behaviour towards elderly residents in April 2010, two and half years after she began working at the home.

Staff claimed Ms Miller, was almost “Godlike” in front of management, but was “verbally abusive, threatening and aggressive” towards residents and colleagues.

Nurse Mohammed Shahid told his managers how Ms Miller forced a patient, known as ‘Resident A’ to drink tap water instead of orange juice, before telling her “if you touch this buzzer again, I am going to nail your hand to the floor.”

Ms Miller denies the allegation.

Mr Shahid also told how on another occasion, Ms Miller pushed ‘Resident B’, saying: “I am sick of you and I don’t want to hear your moaning, and if you keep coming and complaining, I will sort you out.”

In a letter to the NMC, Ms Miller admitted abusing ‘Resident B’, adding: “I’m truly sorry for my outburst. I was inappropriate towards this resident by shouting at her.”

Jayne Bamber, another colleague, revealed how Ms Miller later grabbed ‘Resident C’, pushed her into a chair and shouted at her.

Ms Miller denies this.

The hearing also heard that Nurse Suzanne Whatmough became so concerned about a telephone conversation she had with Ms Miller, in which she talked about putting a pillow over a female patient’s head.

During the conversation, Ms Whatmough said “you can’t say things like that,” to which the Ms Miller replied: “No, I’m serious,” adding “that’s how they make me feel sometimes” in reference to the patient’s family.

Ms Miller later admitted the comment, saying she was “unable to cope with her duties” at the time and had “no one to turn to for help.”

Mr Garsed told the hearing: “Members of staff raised allegations.

“Immediately upon being informed of her suspension the registrant provided her written notice of resignation.”

The hearing continues.