Friends group to ‘spruce up’ train station

Overgrown: Layton station
Overgrown: Layton station
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Blackpool councillors have teamed up with Northern Rail to help brighten up a run-down train station in the resort.

Greenlands councillor Christine Wright and Layton councillor Kath Benson announced their plans to ‘spruce up’ Layton railway station alongside members of their communities with a new Friends of Layton Station group.

Coun Wright said she was inspired to tackle the run-down state of the station after using trains running from the platform regularly throughout November.

She said: “You look around and realise the station is in a state of disrepair even though it could be made to look so much better without a great deal of expense.

“The wooden shutters that covered the windows have been ripped away by vandals and have fallen off with age.

“The fence is in need of repairs and the trees around the station need pruning.The grass verges need attending to.

“If people took the time to get involved and help spruce it up it could be a real picture.

“We’ve been in touch with Northern Rail who are going to work with the owner of the station house to carry out some repairs and get in touch with Layton Primary School about doing some artwork to be displayed at the station.

“We want to give people the chance to make friends and also gain some pride in their community. Everybody has something to give.

“I certainly think the group will help improve the station and hopefully if we can clean it up it won’t get vandalised again.”

People who are interested in joining the Friends of Layton Station group are encouraged to get in touch with Coun Wright or Coun Benson by calling the Town Hall in Blackpool town centre on 01253 477477.