Fresh hotel plans for pier blaze site

Fleetwood Pier site
Fleetwood Pier site
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NEW plans for Fleetwood’s burnt-out pier site could face fresh opposition in the town.

A massive local campaign saw a 40-bedroomed hotel thrown out by planners last year.

But a scaled-down version of the development has now been submitted to Wyre Council – in the hope of a better chance of success.

The building put forward by Mike Simmons of Simmo Developments – aka Blackpool entertainer Joey Blower – would be two storeys rather than the previously proposed three and the number of rooms would be reduced to 18.

There would also be provision for shops, restaurants and bars – some of the features of the old pier before it burnt down in September 2008.

However, there are signs there could be a new campaign against the scheme.

Chairman of Fleetwood action group, Tom Norton, said: “I think there could be opposition to this.

“I will be asking the action group and seeing if we can get a public meeting once we have seen the full plans.

“There is a difference because they had reduced the height and number of bedrooms but it is still a building on the seaward side of the promenade.

“Once you have set a precedent for that there can be building all along there.

“If he had thought about Fleetwood and had tidied the site up a lot quicker rather than being forced to do it, it would have been better.”

Craig McOmish, who has refreshment stalls on the seafront, said: “I don’t know whether it’s good from my point of view.

“A lot of people, including myself, have been saying we need investment along the front. The pier site is in such a state.

“The new plans have gone to two storeys and 18 rooms so I think it’s better.

“There is no doubt we need investment but there is still the old argument about should they build on the sea front – that’s where the resistance is going to be.”

Town councillor Dave Shaw, who has the pier site in his Pharos Ward, said: “The style of the building was a big objection last time for the Civic Society.

“We need to get something sorted because we don’t want to leave the site as an eyesore. We have to get it sorted with something acceptable to the community.”

Margaret Daniels, chairman of Fleetwood Civic Society, declined to comment until she had seen the plans.

Mr Simmons was not available for comment.