Fracking pressure over house cracks

Gayzer Tarjanyi - claims his house has been cracked by fracking
Gayzer Tarjanyi - claims his house has been cracked by fracking
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A CONCERNED campaigner has met with a gas drilling company amid claims the practice damaged his home.

Gayzer Tarjanyi claims earth tremors from Cuadrilla Resource’s fracking procedure at its site at Preese Hall Farm, near Weeton, led to cracks appearing throughout his house.

The 51-year-old set up his Frack Free Fylde pressure group after seeing cracks appear in his home in April last year, and has since been lobbying the firm for a meeting.


He told The Gazette: “Cracks appeared across my house and pins are coming out of the ceiling, which don’t fall out on their own.

“Fracking is going to have an impact on the tourism, which is our biggest employer and puts a lot of money into the towns.

“It could be the death knell of the area because confidence in tourism is going to be shattered.”

Mr Tarjanyi, of Chandlers Rest, Lytham Quays, was shown around the 842-well site by Cuadrilla officials to allow him to see the improvements made to the Weeton facility.

However, he says people need to know the problems fracking could cause if something goes wrong.

Fracking involves pumping water and chemicals underground at high pressure to shatter rock formations and release gas.

Cuadrilla is investigating a number of sites, including Preese Hall and Grange Hill at Singleton. The company started its geophysical survey back in March and since then dozens of residents have complained about bangs and shaking homes.

After its meeting with Mr Tarjanyi ,a company spokesman said: “Although the tremors were understandably concerning for Mr Tarjanyi, we explained that hydraulic fracturing can be done safely, given appropriate guidelines and monitoring as recommended by independent scientific reviews.

“We discussed how we ensure environmental protection through the way our sites are prepared and the comprehensive design of our wells.”