Foster service means John keeps Dillon

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A big-hearted Blackpool woman has helped ensure a homeless man and his beloved dog were not separated.

The man – named only as John – faced losing his four-year-old Staffordshire cross Dillon when he became homeless following the death of a friend.

I am delighted to have been able to welcome Dillon into my home

John was offered temporary accommodation but couldn’t face the thought of having to rehome Dillon, his loyal best friend.

Thankfully Susan Fryer, from Blackpool, who works as a volunteer for the Furry Friends Pet Fostering Service, came to the rescue.

The scheme provides short-term foster owners for the beloved cats, dogs and companion animals of people who are in crisis.

Susan said: “I am delighted to have been able to welcome Dillon into my home.

“He was very sad and frightened when he first moved in.

“Different people and a new environment were overwhelming for him, but with patience and kindness I have supported this beautiful dog through his uncertainties and he’s now very settled.”

The foster placement has given John the time and space he needs to plan out a new life after the loss of his friend.

He said: “I love Dillon to bits and I would never consider rehoming him. He’s my best friend and I just need a helping hand for a few weeks whilst I sort out a new place to live. My friend dying has been very sad for me; losing Dillon too would have been too much to bear.”