Former care boss jailed for heroin supply

Secret habit: Michelle Potter has been jailed for more than two years following a police drugs raid at her home
Secret habit: Michelle Potter has been jailed for more than two years following a police drugs raid at her home
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A woman with a secret drug habit, caught with heroin wraps during a police raid on her Fleetwood home, has been jailed for more than two years.

Michelle Potter, a former care home manager, had given up her responsible job because she felt it was only a matter of time before her methadone use came to light.

Out of work and unable to fund her drug use, she thought the only answer was to supply to others in order to get her own drugs for free.

Potter, 47, of Leven Avenue, Fleetwood was jailed for 28 months by a judge at Preston Crown court.

She had pleaded guilty to an offence of possessing heroin with intent to supply.

Officers executed a drugs warrant at her home on May 29 last year.

Lisa Worsley, prosecuting, said tin foil containing residues of heroin was found on a lounge table.

Digital scales and 10 wraps of tin foil were also discovered and a total of £895 cash was seized.

The 10 wraps contained a total of 2.2g of heroin, with a street value of £200.

A drug related text message was found on a phone.

In police interview Potter spoke of having bought 3.5g of heroin the previous day and dividing that into 17 wraps. She said she had used some of them and claimed to be using 10 wraps a day.

She had two previous convictions for possessing drugs.

Rachel Woods, defending, said the defendant was different to many cases where drug dealers and drug users appeared in court.

Potter had worked most of her adult life. Someone else had introduced her to heroin use years ago.

Until recently she had been a manager at a care home for people with dementia.

Miss Woods said: “She had a drug habit which she kept secret from her employers and her family.

“These proceedings have come as an almighty shock to her and them. It is her first time before the crown court, facing an extremely serious matter. Over the last eight months she has had to come to terms with a very real prospect of going into prison.”

Miss Woods explained that Potter had not gone into work after a fellow employee saw her collecting a methadone programme. The defendant thought it was only a matter of time before her drug use came out, so she stopped turning up for work.

She added: “Her life spiralled out of control.

“She could not maintain her drug use. The only option she thought she had was to sell drugs for a very short time limit, supplying to other users, her reward being getting drugs for free.

“She is ashamed.”

Judge Heather Lloyd said: “This offence is viewed very seriously by the courts.”