Flower power village ready for the judges

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Staining is blooming once again thanks to the determined efforts of community gardeners.

The Staining In Bloom team have put in hundreds of hours of hard work to ensure the village is filled with bright flowers and lively displays ahead of the annual In Bloom contest.

Staining in Bloom is underway

Staining in Bloom is underway

And pride of place this year is the horse outside The Plough Inn. The plant-filled figure has been given a new lease of life, as In Bloom volunteers spent more than 60 hours reshaping the body and filling it with fresh plantlife.

Staining In Bloom co-ordinator Trish Craig said: “It’s always nice to have the place you live looking nice and we get lots of compliments so we think everyone appreciates what we do.

“We use a wide variety of plants and flowers and we’re also doing our bit for the environment by creating corridors for insects and planting bee friendly flowers.”

The village has previously won silver gilt for the last three years and won the large village section nationally in 2000-01.

The Staining In Bloom team has been going for 20 years this year, with many original members still contributing. This year the team are going for gold, having never won the top medal yet.

The team had around £7,000 to invest in the project, using this to purchase seeds for plants which are grown locally, to keep the scheme’s carbon footprint low, and fund the horse project.