Floral windmill key to In Bloom gold bid

Lytham flloral windmill
Lytham flloral windmill
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Lytham’s floral windmill is back in place for a sixth year – just in time for Club Day.

The striking 12-foot high flow-packed high version of the town’s most famous landmark – made of wood and covered in 3,000 begonias – proved a key feature on its debut in 2013 when Lytham In Bloom’s volunteers won the Britain In Bloom Champion of Champions award.

It has been a feature in the Piazza ever since and the particular pride and joy of In Bloom’s Trevor Mackey, who featured prominently in a recent TV documentary about the In Bloom team.

He said: “The floral windmill provides a wonderful focal point. It attracts locals and visitors alike and is much appreciated by the cafes, bars and restaurants.”

The In Bloom team is looking to retain gold in the North West In Bloom small resort category when the judges come to call next month and have also been invited to compete in the nationwide Britain in Bloom competition.