Flooding nightmare angers neighbours

Residents  Marie and Gary Goodwin in Draycott Avenue
Residents Marie and Gary Goodwin in Draycott Avenue
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Blocked drains are creating a headache for a retired council worker – who used to clean out gullies for a living.

Gary Goodwin says he has to regularly wade through water outside his home on Draycott Avenue, Grange Park, when it rains heavily.

Mr Goodwin, who until 1989 worked as a council highways maintenance operative, says the problem has persisted despite it being reported several times.

He said: “When it rains the water covers the tyres of my car. If I don’t move it in time, I have to wade through several inches of water to get to it.

“It has been happening for years and I keep reporting it to the council. They send the gully wagon round to clean out the drains, but it just keeps happening again.

“I’m a former highways maintenance worker myself, and in our day there were three of us on the road cleaning out the gullies in every street in Blackpool.

“We had a sheet of paper with all the streets on which we had to do. When we cleaned them we tested them and if they weren’t working, we would replace them.”

Blackpool Council has pledged to carry out further investigations.

Coun John Jones, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Once we were alerted to the issue on Friday, a team visited the site.

“The area has now been cleaned and the drains flushed. A further investigation will take place into what’s causing the blockage and prevent this occurring again.

“Drains become polluted with items such as bottles, crisp-packets and the like that can cause blockages and inconvenience to residents.”