Flooding leaves pensioner trapped in her home

Eileen Johnstone says she is a prisoner in her home in wet weather
Eileen Johnstone says she is a prisoner in her home in wet weather
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A PENSIONER says she is left trapped in her own home for days during heavy rain which turns her road into “a river” of water.

Eileen Johnstone lives at the end of a small road which leads off Lytham Road in South Shore to her 19th Century cottage.

But during heavy downpours, a small grid on the street overflows flooding the road and blocking what is the only access to her home.

The 73-year-old said: “When it rains it’s like a river and I have to ring my daughter to do my shopping because I can’t get through the water.

“You need a boat to get out of the house. Because it happens every time there is heavy rain, it also damages the surface and it’s really uneven.

“I’m crippled with arthritis so walking down even when it’s not raining is difficult.

“The council has been to look at the drain and they said someone had poured concrete down it.

“I just don’t know what to do about it.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said the road was unadopted so it was the occupier’s responsibility to carry out maintenance.

But he added: “A council officer has been to inspect the area and spoken to the lady concerned.

“The small road at the rear of Lytham Road is not an adopted highway.

“This means it is not the council’s responsibility to repair any faults.

“We have asked one of our environmental protection officers to visit residents on the road to explain what steps they can now take.”

Tasurraf Shah, Labour’s candidate for Waterloo ward, said: “Mrs Johnstone is an elderly lady and it is not right she is stranded like that.

“Every time it rains, it floods and she cannot get out.”

Waterloo ward Conservative councillor Ian Fowler said he had not been contacted by Mrs Johnstone about the problem but if she got in touch, he would look into the issue on her behalf.

He added: “I am pleased the council has responded and even though this road is not adopted, the environmental protection officers are going to look around.”