Fleetwood Town aims to give boot to bullying

Norry Ascroft (left) with Fleetwood Towm chairman Andy Pilley
Norry Ascroft (left) with Fleetwood Towm chairman Andy Pilley
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Fleetwood Town FC have become the first national sponsor of a ground-breaking training programme aimed at tackling bullying in schools.

The League One club have pledged £10,000 to enable the roll-out of an online teacher training programme to 100 schools.

Club chairman Andy Pilley has joined forces with human behaviour trainer and success coach, Norry Ascroft, who runs the scheme.

Norry started helping teachers, parents and children a decade ago after reading about a teenage girl who had committed suicide due to cyber bullying.

This led him to start a campaign – MADD About Bullying, MADD standing for ‘Making A Direct Difference’.

He has now created an online teacher training programme which looks at the foundation of human behaviour together with strategies to tackle negative actions which can lead to bullying.

The MADD About Bullying programme has already been shared with 100 schools across Lancashire.

Now, thanks to the £10,000 sponsorship from Fleetwood Town, another 100 schools in the North West will get access to the programme.

Norry (left, with the chairman), said: “I can’t thank Fleetwood Town and their chairman Andy Pilley enough for their generosity which will make a direct difference in so many schools.

“For Fleetwood to directly sponsor 100 is absolutely amazing.

“At the lowest level of bullying our children are being held back from reaching their true potential and, at worst, bullying causes mental health problems and an increase in teenage suicides.”

Andy said: “When you meet Norry you cannot help but be inspired by him .”