'Fleetwood is fast becoming a cesspit of crime that is never dealt with'

Fleetwood Police
Fleetwood Police

Cars being broken into and open drug dealing on the streets are the main complaints Fleetwood residents have raised with the town’s police.

In the latest Facebook session in which Inspector Jonathan Smith fielded questions from the public, corespondents were unhappy that nothing seemed to be getting done about such problems.

Rachel Wilson posted: “When is something going to be done regarding the drug dealing which is blatant any time of the day or night?

“Police came and had a ‘chat’, did not search their possession, even had cans of alcohol and police officers walked away.

“Why should we be living in a town like this?”

Paula O’ Donnell said: “We need you (the police) walking around the streets because drug dealing is on each corner and they don’t care who sees them.

“You have people getting robbed, the crime is just terrible.

“It is just disappointing what Fleetwood has become,

“I don’t even recognise half of anybody in Fleetwood anymore.”

Alan Turner said: “Fleetwood is fast becoming a cesspit of crime that is never dealt with.”

Sharon Thomas said: “My husband’s car has been ruined trying to take the seal out.

“Where are they all from, who’s sending them here?”

And Julie Whitworth said: “No action taken and the dealers continue dealing while people who live nearby have to put up with undesirables attending the dealers homes day and night.”

Insp Smith said: “When drug dealing is reported to us we always try to take positive action but this is not as easy as it is in the movies.”

Residents were asked to keep phoning the police.