Firefighters tackle chip pan ‘explosion’

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Blackpool firefighters battled a kitchen blaze after a chip pan ‘exploded’.

Two fire crews from Blackpool station and one from Bispham were called to Argosy Court, Blackpool, at around 5am to reports of a blaze in the kitchen of a family home.

Two men in their 50s had put a chip pan on heat but then fell asleep, causing flames to break out in the kitchen area of the home. One of the men, alerted by the fire alarm, attempted to extinguish the fire himself by placing the chip pan in under running water, causing a ‘fireball explosion’.

Both men had evacuated the property by the time fire crews arrived, and were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and minor burns.

Watch manager John Riley of Blackpool fire station said: “Never put water on a chip pan fire. What we advise is to leave the property immediately and call the fire service, and we will deal with it.

“This fire could have been a lot worse. The two men have been very lucky, especially the person who put the water on the fire.

“Luckily the fireball exploded up over his head and only caused some minor burns on his hands.”