Firebomb teens ‘plotted revenge’

Shackleton Road, Fleetwood
Shackleton Road, Fleetwood
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A group of youngsters – one aged just 14 – made Molotov cocktails – as they plotted a revenge fire bomb attack on a house.

A Youth Court heard how the trio stole petrol from a garden shed and used it to fill five bottles.

The bottles were then fitted with wicks made of rags.

All three admitted making petrol bombs in charges authorised by the Attorney General under the 1883 Explosives Act.

Magistrates warned the trio they face terms of detention.

Two of the youths also admitted burgling the shed.

One of the defendants comes from Blackpool and the others from south Fylde.

Paul Foster, prosecuting at Blackpool Youth Court told the hearing: “Two of the defendants are 16 and one is 14. This is a very a serious offence which needs the permission of the Attorney General to proceed. That permission has been given.

“The boys entered a shed on Shackleton Road, Freckleton, and stole petrol which they then made into five petrol bombs.”

“They were all subsequently arrested. The boys’ may differ over their plan.

“However, they were on bail for burgling a house on Shackleton Road and in interview with the police it emerged they wished to take reprisal action against that house. This is the motive which came out.”

Magistrates adjourned the hearing for the preparation of pre-sentence reports on the trio who cannot be named for legal reasons.

All three defendants were bailed on condition they had no contact with each other, were ordered to keep a curfew and agreed they must not enter Shackleton Road.