Fire at resort attraction

Firefighters are investigating a fire at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Casino.
Firefighters are investigating a fire at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Casino.
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Firefighters cut their way in to a room at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to tackle a fire which they believe had been smouldering for hours before bursting into flame.

The secure room, on the first floor of the attraction’s casino, was left heavily smoke damaged by a fire that started in a nearby toilet.

Crews from South Shore and St Annes were called to the Pleasure Beach at around 7.30pm on Sunday, where they were met by site security.

Firefighters were forced to cut a hole in the wall of the reinforced office to tackle the flames. Crews spent around an hour on site.

Geoff Etheridge, based at South Shore fire station, said: “It was not our normal run-of-the-mill incident – gaining access was a bit more difficult.

“We have a group of firefighters who work with search and rescue teams – they deal with shoring up walls, cutting into different types of building – and these skills are being spread throughout the fire service.

“In this case, they had to remove the induction going through a wall and cut a hole in the wall to fight the fire.

“It was quite a serious fire, but it was contained to the one room.

“We have got an operational plan for the Pleasure Beach and, although on this occasion it was made a little bit more difficult by the room, it went well.”

A spokesman for the Pleasure Beach said: “Something was smouldering in a small toilet in a secure office on the first floor of the casino building.

“The fire brigade was called, and it was dealt with in minutes.”

An investigation is now underway into what caused the fire, but it was not thought to have been started deliberately.

A spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue said: “We got the call at 7.30pm on Sunday to a fire in the treasury strong room and we were leaving the Pleasure Beach by around 8.45pm.

“There were no keys available, and crews had to gain access by going through the brickwork.

“It seems some toilet rolls had caugh fire, and when crews got there it looked like it had been going on for several hours.

“The toilet was badly smoke damaged and there was moderate smoke damage to the area.

“We will be investigating the cause.”