Fire and ice walks for Hospice Heroes

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Don’t try this at home!

That was the message as brave fund-raisers prepared to walk across a surface six times hotter than boiling water.

Peter Beighton tackles the fire and ice walk for Hospice Heroes.

Peter Beighton tackles the fire and ice walk for Hospice Heroes.

Around 50 people, including Linda Nolan and a man celebrating his 80th birthday, walked over embers which a short while previously had flames leaping from them.

A temperature check before the first walker braved the short distance showed the surface was 573 degrees C.

And it was all to raise money for The Gazette’s Hospice Heroes appeal, which last week topped its £200,000 target for Trinity Hospice and Brian House children’s hospice.

Linda, who also walked across broken glass in the Fire and “Ice” Walk, said: “It was so nerve wracking, but it was great. I feel like I’ve really achieved something.

“Walking on the glass was quite bizarre, but it’s all about taking your time and spreading your weight across your feet. For the fire walk it was about getting across as quickly as you can.

“But this is all for the hospice, which is brilliant.”

In fact, Linda enjoyed the experience so much she went across the burning ground a second time.

For Prof Peter Beighton, the event outside Bloomfield Road on Thursday night was all about finding a new challenge for his 80th birthday.

After his walk he said: “The question is, what do I do next year?

“It was definitely an interesting experience.”

Prof Beighton wasn’t fazed ahead of the challenge as more than 40 years ago he walked 600km across the Sahara Desert barefoot. But he admits walking on fire was slightly different.

“In the desert there isn’t a crowd cheering you on,” he said.

Even Trinity Hospice’s chief executive David Houston took part in the extreme walk, and enjoyed it so much he did it three times.

He said: “It was fantastic.

“It’s an absolutely amazing feeling to see all these supporters of what we do and who care about Trinity so much that they are prepared to put their feet on fire.

“It’s a fantastic passion.”

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