Fight fake news by joining us

Join us in the battle against fake news
Join us in the battle against fake news
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#trustednewsday is here!

Today we are teaming up with local news organisation across the UK for a special day as part of our campaign to Fight Fake News.

You will be able to quiz news editor Simon Drury about how we take decisions in our newspaper and on our website.

Through Facebook Live you will be able to watch, comment and ask questions as we take you through the key stories for the day.

Online you will be a able to watch a video tour of our office and we will have a video of how the paper has evolved since its beginnings.

And if you browse, we’ll be having some fun by asking you to suggest a headline to a specific story. It may not as easy as you think!

Fighting Fake News has seen local papers highlight their credentials through features, news stories and videos. We know how much you value local news organisations to bring you factual accounts of what is happening near you.

You know we can be trusted because we have checked the facts before we put them in the newspaper or online. The massive amount of rumour masquerading as fact on social media and other digital platforms means it is difficult to know what is true. You can rely on us to wade through that rumour for you and only publish what we know to be true.