Fifi returns home

Fifi, the cat who came back
Fifi, the cat who came back
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A cat-lover who hought she would never see her beloved pet again is now celebrating her miracle return – after eight months.

When Megan Palmer, 24, opened the back door of her Lingfield Road home in Fleetwood in August last year, Fifi the six-year-old black cat bolted outside and vanished.

Megan searched desperately for her pet, posting flyers through neighbours’ doors and appealing for help online, but was finally forced to admit that Fifi was gone for good.

But hope was not lost for fortunate Fifi. Eight months after she disappeared without a trace, Megan received an unexpected phone call from a security guard at a nearby bus depot, informing her that her cat had been found wandering the site. They had checked her microchip and it had confirmed Megan as the owner and her contact details.

Megan said: “We got dressed straight away and rushed around to get a cardboard box to put her in and went and got her.

“I knew it was her straight away because she had the same pink diamante collar on that she had when she went missing.

“I’ve triple-checked her microchip and it’s definitely her!”

Fifi was taken home none the worse for wear except for a chipped tooth, and is now recovering from her ordeal.

Megan said: “She was quite agitated at first but as soon as we got home she was fine. She just went right under the table were she used to go.

“That first night I got her home I slept in the same room and she was hissing at me, but then I talked to her and she recognised me and came over to me.

“I was concerned that something had happened to her that night and that she was dead. I thought someone had run her over and put her body in a bin and that’s why she hadn’t been found.

“Now I think when she ran out that night something spooked her and she ran off and got lost. I think she might have been living on the empty land near the bus depot. She would have had a field day out there. There’s all sorts of mice and rats to eat.”

Now nail technician Megan is taking on the challenge of introducing Fifi to new kitten Simba, who became a member of the Palmer family in December.

Megan said: “Fifi can be quite territorial. We’re slowly introducing them and they seem fine with each other. I’m just glad I didn’t get two kittens!

“Fifi has been very lucky considering she hadn’t gone out that much and had never hunted or brought mice home.She looked after herself for eight months and I’m really proud of her.

“She purrs whenever I touch her now.”