Feud fuelled abduction lie

Gavin Chesworth
Gavin Chesworth
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A MAN has been jailed after falsely claiming he had been the victim of an attempted abduction in a bid to get revenge on his sister.

Gavin Chesworth claimed that she had paid £800 for him to be “kneecapped” – and even persuaded his partner Gemma De Santi to back him.

Police officers travelled from Blackpool to Bognor Regis to arrest his sister, but Preston Crown Court heard the whole story had been made up.

Chesworth, 31, of Fylde Street, Kirkham, wanted revenge on his sister because he felt insulted at being asked to contribute towards Champagne for his mum for mother’s day, because he was unemployed and could not afford it.

Chesworth and 28-year-old De Santi, of Stanley Street, Kirkham, both pleaded guilty to doing an act tended and intended to pervert the course of justice by making a false complaint and signing witness statements.

Paul Brookwell, prosecuting, said it was alleged Chesworth’s sister had paid for someone to have him assaulted and two men had tried to drag him into a car in Kirkham, on March 6 this year.

Chesworth went to the police the following day, described the incident and showed officers a text message from his mother which said his sister had paid £800 to have his kneecaps “blown off”.

Mr Brookwell said: “He went into some detail of how he was returning home one morning when a black car came flying up from behind and a man grabbed his top.”

The defendant claimed he heard someone saying “You are gonna get it Gav”.

De Santi gave a statement to police on the same date, supporting his account, and his sister was arrested.

Mr Brookwell added “It turned out the mother agreed she had made such a threat to him over the phone, but said that was as a result of his making various threats to his sister.

“The background is a family dispute.”

Defending, Chris Hudson said both Chesworth and De Santi had acted with “crass stupidity”.

Mr Hudson said: “It is a terrible waste of police resources.

“The police and the courts are not to be used to fight out family battles.

“The defendant was upset. He was unemployed, could not contribute. He felt, in real terms, that he was being insulted.

“In revenge and retaliation he hatched a serious scheme to cause his elder sister trouble.

“He recruited his partner. She believed him when he said he had been badly treated by his family and he showed her text messages.

“Both were completely frank when the police realised it was nonsense”.

Chesworth was jailed for six months.

Di Santi was given 16 weeks jail, suspended for two years.