Fears over fly-tipping rise

SHAMEFUL: A fly-tipping incident on the Fylde
SHAMEFUL: A fly-tipping incident on the Fylde
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Householders are being told to dispose of waste items correctly after fears were raised about a rise in fly-tipping on the Fylde coast.

Waste teams in Fylde reported more than 50 bulky waste items – including settees, cupboards and mattresses – were dumped in June, with a further 65 last month.

Bryan Ward, Fylde Council

Bryan Ward, Fylde Council

Fylde Community Safety Partnership’s Bryan Ward said: “There has actually been an increase in fly-tipping for a few years now with people simply dumping stuff in back alleys and expecting the council to clean up after them.

“It’s untidy and anti-social because other people have to pay to move the rubbish. Fines can be heavy and we prosecute where we can.”

Fines imposed locally have ranged from £200 to £2,000 in recent years. At least two £75 Fixed Penalty Notices have been imposed in the last 12 months.

Part of the problem is related to unlicensed waste carriers who offer to take rubbish away cheaply – and then just dump it.

Mr Ward added: “Everyone should ask to see the contractor’s waste carrier licence.

“If they do not then the householder could also be fined. We don’t want innocent but careless people to be troubled in this way, but the law requires that they check licences.

“Even if we don’t take householders to court we will bill them for a clean-up. No-one should wash their hands of this problem.”

Council staff are now reminding people that local charity Bulky Waste Collectors has been authorised by Fylde Council to remove large items – and can be booked for the for removal of up to three items for a small fee.

He added: “It’s all unnecessary: people have a duty to dispose of their rubbish properly and there is an organisation – Bulky Waste Collectors – that will take it away at a reasonable cost.

“There are also other charities that recycle old furniture and some will even take stuff away for free.”

If you have concerns about a waster carrier, make sure to record the registration number of the vehicle removing waste, ask for a receipt on headed paper or pay by cheque, as payments can be traced if waste is fly-tipped.

Collections by Bulky Waste Collectors can be arranged by ringing (01253) 658658.