Fears for children crossing busy road

Neil Raine on Watson Road, at the junction with Trent road, South Shore, Blackpool
Neil Raine on Watson Road, at the junction with Trent road, South Shore, Blackpool
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SAFETY measures are being put in place to help pupils cross a busy road after buses had to be diverted.

Youngsters from Thames Primary School in Severn Road, South Shore, must now negotiate their way across Watson Road after buses were banned by the council from using Lytham Road Bridge.

The bridge has been deemed unsafe.

Neil Raine, whose eight-year-old daughter Lucy attends Thames Primary said he wanted to ensure all parents were aware of the dangers.

Mr Raine, of Grafton Street, Blackpool, said: “At home time, all the children travelling north now have to cross Watson Road to catch the bus.

“This is a really busy road and I’m afraid an accident could happen. I accompany my daughter and I’ve seen how busy that road is.

“I’m worried kids are likely to walk out from in front of the bus, or not be able to see traffic coming.

“I think it’s important to ensure all parents know about the change.”

Blackpool Council has agreed to relocate a crossing patrol to Watson Road and says it will monitor the situation. Head of Road Safety Carol Bracegirdle said: “We have asked one of the ladies working on the crossing patrol on Lytham Road to help children on Watson Road to cross the road.

“We are going to monitor the situation.”

Thames Primary headteacher Jean Martin said they had been concerned about the situation. Staff had alerted parents while teachers were also escorting youngsters to the bus stop.

Mrs Martin said: “We are concerned for the children’s safety and are doing all we can to ensure they can cross the road safely.”

The bridge closed to buses on Monday after surveys showed they may damage its structure, but it is still open for pedestrians and other motorists.

The Stagecoach Number 68, and the Number 11, which operate between Lytham and the town centre, as well as the Number 5, which operates from Blackpool Business Park and Victoria Hospital, have been diverted to travel from Lytham Road on to Watson Road, Bond Street and Station Road from both directions.

The Number 10 has been rerouted along St Annes Road.