Fearless gran in daredevil jump mission

Cath Ashworth, 79, from North Shore
Cath Ashworth, 79, from North Shore
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An adrenaline addict grandma is set to celebrate a milestone birthday and help raise money for charity be jumping out of an airplane.

Cath Ashworth, 79, of Kirkstone Drive, North Shore, turns 80 next month and to mark the occasion will skydive above Jersey in the English Channel for children’s charity the NSPCC.

Cath Ashworth, 79, from North Shore

Cath Ashworth, 79, from North Shore

The fund-raiser is the latest challenge for the thrill-seeking granny, following several similar high risk stunts.

When the great-grandma turned 70 she took on an outdoor climbing course 40ft high and a few years ago enjoyed white water rafting.

Her grand-daughter, Katie Dennett, 21, said her grandma was “a bit of an adrenaline junkie.”

She added: “For my Grandma, this isn’t her first adrenaline filled stunt.

“For her 70th birthday she celebrated the occasion by completing the Go Ape obstacle course.

“Although it included flying down zip wires and leaping off the tarzan swing, the only thing we heard from her all day was ‘weeeeeeeeeee’, ‘oohh lovelyyyyyy’ and ‘just look at that beautiful view’.

“If you think throwing her out of a plane was going a step too far then think again.

“A few years ago she was treated to a day out on the white water rapids, a sport definitely considered extreme!

“Her day consisted of vertical drops, large rapids and a lot of rough water – she definitely experienced the ultimate white water experience.

“Now, for her upcoming 80 she has been set the biggest challenge yet.

“Not only will it inject her with unsurpassed exhilaration, but she will also be raising money for a good cause while doing it.”

Mrs Ashworth, who has three children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, will jump from a plane high above Jersey, one of her favourite holiday destinations on August 20.

Katie added: “She loves high speed anything; boats, cars, skiing on water and snow.”

She added: “After boarding the plane with the instructor she will then be taken two miles up to 10,000ft.

“On exiting the plane she will reach speeds of 130mph for 30 seconds of exhilarating freefall followed by a five minute parachute ride to enjoy the beautiful views.

“She is not bothered in the slightest. She was more worried whether her doctor would allow her to take part.

“Who knows what challenge she will be set next – let’s raise money for this challenge first before she starts thinking about the next one.”

To donate to the challenge go to www.justgiving.com/caths80thskydive