Fear of closure for Blackpool's vegan restaurant Faringo's

Paul White from Faringos Vegan Italian restaurant
Paul White from Faringos Vegan Italian restaurant
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Despite more and more people going vegan, Blackpool's sole speciality restaurant is under threat of closure.

Paul White, owner of Faringo’s at the King’s Hotel on New South Promenade, say's the recent popularity in veganism is threatening his business.

With more outlets starting to cater for vegan's, Blackpool's only dedicated vegan eaterie is seeing a decline in customers.

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Paul said other restaurants, as well as supermarkets, have suddenly cottoned on to the growing trend and, although they can’t offer the range of specialist dishes, many vegans eating out with non-vegan friends are trying the alternative venues.

"I am not criticising anyone, it is just business after all, but we cannot sustain it with the numbers we are getting at the moment."

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My wife would love this but I wouldn’t, as I’m meat meat meat all the way, so little chance of a couple like us visiting it.

Too niche for this area.

Mark Mason

Thing is, Vegans make up less then 1% of the population, and alot those that claim they're vegan are doing it as a health trend rather then because they're actually committed to being vegan.

Given those numbers means any vegan resturant is going to be an extremely niche market and the vast majority of people are going to go elsewhere they're not having their choices restricted. Says something when the vast majority of vegan dishes are mock meat choices.

Think once the fad ends in a few years and people realise theres no benefit to a vegan diet unless you have specific health requirements, same as with those who claim then need gluten free when they don't, all the vegan places will quickly start dying off.

John Whitehouse

Such a shame. I hope business picks up for him.

Tes Snelson

It's in a really wonky location. The glitterball end of town is just a little too far out.

Caroline Anne Bernadette Fisher

It’s hard to believe such a specific restaurant would work.

Andy Michael

It's called healthy competition in the business world

Karl Jackson

Never even knew it existed

Michelle Brereton

But is it not a good thing that more restaurants are now also catering for those who choose a vegan lifestyle?

Siobhan Waring

Shame as food is excellent here

Leanne Marie Jones