Fast way to launch New Year regime

Matt Winstanley and Kelly Johnson from Poulton have fasted after Christmas, Kelly also runs some free yoya sessions for people on the Fylde coast
Matt Winstanley and Kelly Johnson from Poulton have fasted after Christmas, Kelly also runs some free yoya sessions for people on the Fylde coast
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Most people resolve to eat healthier after Christmas for the New Year.

But Poulton yoga teacher Kelly Johnson and her boyfriend Mat Winstanley decided to go without food altogether for seven days.

The pair carried out a fast from December 27 into the New Year – during which time they lived on just three juices a day.

They also spent the morning of each day in complete silence, as well as practising yoga and meditation.

Kelly said the fast led the pair to feel re-energised and healthier.

They saw the New Year in with a talk and meditation at a Buddhist temple in Ulverston.

Kelly, who also works as a wedding singer, said: “We started the day with oil-pulling – that’s holding coconut oil in the mouth for 30 minutes, before spitting it out.

“This we followed with yoga and meditation and we broke our silence at noon.

“We had our first vegetable juice at 12.30 – this was made up of lemon, lime, fresh tumeric, ginger, courgette, beetroot, celery, cucumber, carrot, thyme, rosemary and basil.

“We rested in the day and had naps if we felt tired.

“We had our second juice about 5pm, which was a similar juice.

“Then apple cider vinegar, raw honey and magnesium powder before bed.

“We wanted to start the New Year with a bang, rather than feel tired. We did yoga and meditation to keep our energy levels up.

“We broke our fast at the end of the week with mango and bee pollen. It hasn’t been easy, but the results are great.

“The first two days were the hardest, but after that our bodies got used to it. We didn’t do it for weight loss, but to give our bodies an MoT for the New Year as both our jobs are physical. Mat is co-owner at Rivington Bike Training in Preston.

“It’s amazing how much energy we had.

“I feel I have lots more energy now, have a clearer head, I sleep better, I feel generally more healthy.”

The benefits of fasting, Kelly says, can include: detoxification in the body – including breaking down fat reserves and eliminating stored toxins, improving the digestive system, improving sleep, rejuvenating tastebuds, helping overcome bad habits – including stimulating chemicals such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine, and enhancing mental ability.

Kelly started teaching yoga after working as singer in India.

While there, she also became involved with an orphanage, called Cherish Home, run by the Cherish Foundation, in Hyderabad. The home looks after orphans, destitute children, street kids and vulnerable youngsters.

Last year, Kelly went to Rome to the UN to raise money for Cherish Home.

She said: “I met an American group while living in one of the hotels in Indian when working as a jazz singer. I had weekends off so used to go with them to the orphanage and even when they had left, I just kept going.

“I did all sorts, fashion shows for the children, talking to them, I loved it.

“When you hear the children’s stories, when you know what some of them have gone through – it’s horrific, it puts things into perspective.

“Last year I went to Rome, to the UN, to represent Cherish and talk about the work at the home, talk about the children, and about where the money goes.”

Kelly, who teaches around 750 yoga classes a year as part of her business Yogatime Blackpool, will soon be offering a free class a month.

Kelly wants everyone to be able to try yoga and see the benefits of yoga – so she is hiring a studio at Reform Gym, Milbourne Street, Blackpool, and would love to see people there the last Saturday of each month, at 10am, starting January 30.

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