Farmers’ warning over mud on road

A mud warning on Ballam Road.
A mud warning on Ballam Road.
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FARMERS leaving mud on a Fylde road have been told to report it before they cause an accident.

Lytham’s Ballam Road has a number of farms lining the road and regularly travel along it after working in the fields.

Although the police have received no complaints about the situation, one councillor is determined to keep the stretch of road accident free.

Coun Len Davies, Clifton ward councillor for Fylde Council, has urged farmers to clear up after themselves incase the mud freezes and creates a hazard for motorists.

He said: “It’s the farmers’ job to clean up the road and they should be phoning up the council saying they’ve put mud on the road or should be out there waving traffic down.

“It’s their responsibility and they are supposed to report it to the police because it could cause a major accident.

“The fields are full of mud and tractors must be coming out of there with mud on their wheels.

“If someone tells me about it I would look into it straight away or get some cones from the police.

“The days of them going out with a brush on the back of the tractor are over, but they need to inform people.”

In November 2012, the Blackpool coroner ruled mud was to blame for a crash which killed 63-year-old Wendy Hartley.

Mrs Hartley, from Cabus, was travelling as a passenger on Blackpool Road, St Michael’s, when her husband lost control of his car and collided with a Suzuki 4x4 coming the other way.

Police are also calling on drivers to report any hazards if they spot them.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said: “We understand that any form of debris can cause difficulties and be potentially hazardous for motorists.

“We would always urge people to be mindful of the road conditions they’re on and drive accordingly.

“If anybody has any concerns about a particular road we would urge them to contact police on 101.”