Farmer leaps in to stop fire spreading

Thick black smoke over the Cartmell Lane farm in Lytham owned by Andrew Pemberton (below).
Thick black smoke over the Cartmell Lane farm in Lytham owned by Andrew Pemberton (below).
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A brave farmer jumped into action and created a firebreak as a blaze tore through his silage container when strong winds caused flames to spread.

Thick black smoke could be seen in Wrea Green after the fire was started at a farm on Cartmell Lane, Lytham, at 12.50pm yesterday.

Andrew Pemberton

Andrew Pemberton

Twenty-five firefighters from Lytham, St Annes and Blackpool fought the flames for three hours when a controlled rubbish fire was left unattended.

Andrew Pemberton, the owner of the farm, started the fire himself, but strong winds caused it to spread quickly and engulf animal feed and a stack of tyres which were being used to weigh down the stock.

Mr Pemberton said: “There were no vehicles damaged, it was just a farm fire that got out of hand.

“We made a break in the tyres and pulled away what we could and what was left just burned.

“It wouldn’t have spread any further than where the tyres were and the break just saved more smoke and aggravation.”

Rod Steele, crew manager at St Annes Fire Station, said five engines were needed because there was a limited water supply in the area.

He said: “It was a rubbish fire initially started by the farmer and left slightly unattended. When the wind picked up the fire set alight animal feed, silage and old spare tyres which didn’t help.”

“There was no environmental impact, it was just an accident.”


Three-hour fight as thick smoke billowed into sky

Fire crews battled the fire for three hours, as thick, black smoke rose into the sky.

Crew manager Steele, from St Annes Fire Station, added: “It looked quite serious.

“The reason for that was a polythene sheet was on top of the silage and weighted down by tyres.

“Once they started to burn there was a lot of toxic smoke and it looked worse than what it was.”

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