Fans ask: ‘What’s your plan, Karl?’

Glenn Bowley
Glenn Bowley
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A leading Blackpool FC fan today called on bosses to come out and talk about how they planned to stop the club falling down the leagues.

Glenn Bowley, chairman of the Blackpool Supporters Association, said: “I think most fans will not understand the company figures and, to be fair, many will not want to, they just want to see the football team doing well.

“But maybe the club should sit down with fans and go through the details to explain things better to allay some of the wilder fears.

“The disappointing thing is this club was in the Premier League three years ago and now may be heading for a relegation battle and could end up in League One which is just not acceptable.

“It is disappointing the amount spent on transfer fees is so low, although wages are high, as the squad clearly needs strengthening. The transfer policy is not working.

“And the increase in pay for directors will upset some fans as the club has not progressed over this period.

“The directors say that there is no risk to the business but that is no comfort to the 14,000 season ticket holders who fear being embroiled in a relegation battle.

“We need to know what plans they have got to improve things.”