Family escape house fire

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A family had a lucky escape after a massive blaze engulfed the first floor bedroom of their house.

Firefighters from South Shore, Blackpool and Bispham Fire and Rescue Services attended the incident at Ribble Road in South Shore at around 10am after reports of a man trapped in a fire at the front of the house.

Steve Boyne, watch manager at South Shore Fire and Rescue Service, attended the blaze along with 14 other firefighters.

He said: “Six children and two adults had already evacuated the building when we arrived. The man had smoke stains on his face and was suffering the effects of smoke inhalation. He had tried to put out the fire on his own.

“Four firefighters wearing breathing equipment went into the property to search for anyone who might have been trapped before extinguishing the fire. We then used fans to clear the smoke from the house.

“We believe the fire was caused by an electronic gas lighter.

“The family had only recently moved into the house and there was no working fire alarm in the building. The eldest daughter alerted the family to the blaze and evacuated them using fire training skills she had learned at school.

“There was massive fire and smoke damage to the first floor bedroom at the front of the house and the house is now completely uninhabitable.

“The man was taken by ambulance to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.”