Families clean up at children’s park

Residents around the Sixfields play area in Anchorsholme
Residents around the Sixfields play area in Anchorsholme
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FAMILIES have been forced to clean up a children’s play area themselves.

The park, at the back of Sixfields and Goldstone Drive in Cleveleys only has one bin and repeatedly overflows.

Residents with young children have now had to take matters into their own hands after they failed to get a response from Wyre Council or Morris Homes, which owns the land.

Sam Burgess, 42, of Sixfields, in Cleveleys, has two boys James, eight, and Thomas, six, and says he dreads taking them to the park.

Mr Burgess said: “I’m paying my council tax but nothing seems to be done about it and all they do to maintain the park is cut the grass.

“There’s children on the park all day with their parents and it’s disgusting.

“I sometimes dread them going on there because of the mess. It seems to be the only time it gets emptied is when I ring up and complain.”

Mr Burgess’ wife Sharon, 43, has went to the park herself to empty the solitary bin and clean up the bushes where bags of dig dirt have been discarded.

Neighbour Ann Williams added: “The tiles on the play area had all been ripped up at one point and I had to sort that out. I wish somebody would take responsibility.”

A spokeswoman for Wyre Council said: “We sympathise with the residents as we are committed to keeping Wyre clean and tidy.

“However, as this pocket park is privately owned it is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure the bin in question is emptied.

“A similar situation occurred last year and following intervention from the council the bin was emptied by the developer.

“An environmental health officer has been out today to take another look.

“He will be contacting the developer on behalf of the residents to request the bin is emptied and continues to be emptied.”

A spokesman for Morris Homes added: “We currently contract a refuse collection company to remove waste from the site and collections take place more regularly than would be provided by the council.

“We are not obliged to provide rubbish bins or any refuse collection services on the site. Most community play areas do not have waste bins or collections.

“Therefore, in light of the concerns of neighbouring residents, we are considering removing the bin to encourage users of the play facilities to take their rubbish home with them and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.”