Fake cop fraudster jailed

Steven Buchan
Steven Buchan
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A SERIAL fraudster, who cons people into believing he is a policeman, wound up behind bars himself after he “arrested” a man in a city nightclub.

Liverpool Crown Court heard it was 10th time Steven Buchan, of Alfred Street, Blackpool, had impersonated a policeman having learnt technical jargon from TV shows, like The Bill and Road Wars.

In 2004, Buchan pretended he was a policeman and bluffed his way into the home of Dawn Auty, the Blackpool bride who lost both legs in an accident on her wedding day.

He questioned her for hours.

And in 2007 he was jailed for two years after keeping a teenager “prisoner” for nine hours after telling him he fitted the description of a wanted rapist.

In the latest incident, Judge David Aubrey, QC, said it was clear the 28-year-old was “unable to differentiate fact from fiction”.

The court heard over the last ten years, Buchan had repeatedly posed as a policeman trying to avoid fines and detaining people.

Iain Criddle, prosecuting, said in the early hours of June 7, Merseyside Police received two calls from a man claiming to be an off duty officer from Blackpool who had detained a drunk and disorderly man in Superstar Boudoir nightclub on Stanley Street, Liverpool.

Buchan, who claimed to be called Det Con Simon Green, also requested a caged vehicle.

Officers arrived and discovered the detained man was drunk and aggressive and arrested him and Buchan went with them to St Anne Street police station. The man was held for about three hours and even strip searched.

Buchan claimed he was based at Blackpool’s Bonny Street police station and provided a statement.

Mr Criddle added: “The statement he provided was not of the quality police would expect and certain other details did not add up.”

But Buchan continued with his pretence and even when he was arrested later that morning he demanded they bring “the Fed rep” - referring to the Police Federation.

Buchan later admitted he had been drinking while on medication and “cannot stop himself” behaving in the way he did.

Buchan, who had been staying with a friend in Everton, admitted perverting the course of justice. He has nine similar previous convictions.

Jailing him for 16 months, Judge Aubrey QC told Buchan: “This court finds you to be troubled.”

He accepted Buchan was “vulnerable”, but said psychiatric reports had concluded he had no mental disorder.

Philip Astbury, defending, said, “Certainly there is a very confused and unbalanced aspect to the defendant’s personality.”