Ex MP’s shock at dog attack

Joan Humble
Joan Humble
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A FORMER Blackpool MP today spoke of her horror after a dog bit off the top of her finger as she posted a leaflet.

Joan Humble, the former MP for Blackpool North and Fleetwood, is now recovering at her home after spending two nights in hospital following the attack.

She was delivering leaflets with Labour candidate John Jones on Saturday when the dog struck as she put her hand through a letter box on Harrison Street close to Central Drive.

The 61-year-old told The Gazette: “It has been a horrible shock, I still don’t actually know how much of my finger I have lost as I can’t bear to look.

“I broke my own rule of never putting my hand through a letter box but I never imagined this would happen.

“I went to push the leaflet through and as I did, I felt this incredible pain.

“I tried to pull my hand back but the dog was gripping it, when I did get my hand free, I noticed the end of my ring finger wasn’t there.”

Colleagues quickly rushed Mrs Humble to Blackpool Victoria Hospital. She was given antibiotics through a drip in a bid to curb infection.

X-rays revealed the bone was fractured in the attack so she had to undergo surgery to remove the fractured part and sew the wound over.

Mrs Humble added: “The strange thing was, there was nothing to warn me a dog was on the other side of the door.

“There was no sound, no barking and the door was solid. I only knew it was there when it was too late.

“You would have thought there was a sign warning people at least, it could have been anyone putting a fast food leaflet through or a charity bag through that door.

“The saddest part is doctors had to cut off my wedding ring, I’ve worn it for 40 years as I’ve just celebrated my ruby wedding anniversary this year.”

Police have been informed about the incident but no one was in at the house when officers visited the property.

Mrs Humble stepped down as an MP in 2010.

She was campaigning on behalf of Mr Jones who is standing as a candidate in Blackpool Council’s Bloomfield ward by-election.